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Solutions to Spinal Problems by

Dr. J. Naresh Babu MS(ortho).,FNB(Spine Surgery)

Dr. Naresh and his Team provides comprehensive and exclusive spine services ranging from non-operative and operative management of low back and neck pain, degenerative spinal pathologies ....

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Clinical Work

Spinal Tumours

52 year old male patient with giant sacral chordoma with soft tissue expansion into the spinal canal with cauda equina syndrome managed by single stage anterior-posterior total en-block sacrectomy and spino-pelvic fixation and fusion

Dr. J. Naresb Babu is the first National Board accredited Spine surgeon of the State of Andhra Pradesh, ...


ISSLS Prize Winner Study of Diffusion in Human Lumbar Discs: A

Serial Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study Documenting the Influence

of the Endplate on Diffusion in Normal and Degenerate Discs. S.

Rajasekaran PhD, J. Naresh Babu..


A Study of Diffusion in Human Lumbar Discs -A Serial MRI study documenting the influence of the endplate on diffusion in normal and degenerate discs..


Organizing secretary Decision making and techniques in Spine Surgery-Lumbar Spine I, by Guntur Bone Club, IMA Hall, Guntur, 2008...

Academic Roles




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